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HCA Degree Show 2022

Principle Doubt

Prompted by personal experiences, Principle Doubt focusses on understanding the behaviour of certain public organisations, alongside an exploration into the practice of redaction, and the consequential effect.

Screened - video installation
Redaction - installation

Principle Doubt

Redaction: reflects the frustrating, disturbing, disempowering and at times downright absurd system of getting information in the public interest or about yourself.  Despite the disproportionate effort involved, the resulting response is often protracted, incomplete and ludicrously redacted.  

Installation: Using actual redacted emails received in response to a data request as a basis, I have represented those redactions in laser cut MDF panels.  A rotating light shines through the panels to create a shadow of the redaction on the walls of a white cube space, to represent the frustrating and disturbing practice.


Screened: is the conclusion of my search to make sense of some of the questionable practices I have come across. I undertook an exploration into ‘institutional narcissism’ to gain further insight into the behaviour displayed by certain organisations, including local Clinical Commissioning Groups (Herefordshire) and NHS England. This, combined with the myriad of recent scandals, including those in government, led to questioning the extent to which holders of public office demonstrate the principles that should guide them in serving us.

Video installation: Mad mapping video projection through a metal hospital screen which has been rendered dysfunctional by the removal of its panels. The video shows a suggested shadow of the screens and through inclusion of the Nolan Principles, which guide holders of public office, draws attention to how we, the public, are not being served.   

Self Redaction: following my experiences of interactions with certain public organisations, self-portraits express the impact on me personally.

woven image, photograph and card, 59.4 x 84.1 cm

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